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Complete Website for only

Website Benefits

Use your site to educate your customers a huge time saver for you.
A web site is the least expensive way to test your business with millions of people on the internet.
Far less costly and easier to change than printing and distributing brochures.
Use your site as an extension to current advertising (phone books, papers, mags, etc.) - you can expose your potential client to more reasons to patronize your business.
Your web site is a new customer lead generator. A simple page that allows potential clients to send you a question can generate many valuable leads.










TOS and Development Procedure
1. Tell us what you'd like

Please tell us about your business and provide us with any design ideas that you have for your web site. Our design team will use these guidelines when developing your project. Feel free to refer to other sites that you like. <fill out our online form>

2. Deposit the Advance Payment

The Payment for Vizual Magic services is required to be deposited in advance along with the Site Specifications and Material for the creation of the website [pictures, logo, text for each section etc.]

3. Interaction, Design and Demo

Please allow 24 hours for response. Our design executive must review your request and consult with our designers. If a question arises, he will contact you for necessary comments and additional information. When everything is clear, the executive will co-ordinate the design and provide you with a link to your demo website. Alternatively, you may drop in at our office and preview the design created for you. Please allow 2-3 days to design a preview. Preview is a GIF or JPEG image without HTML code. In other words, it's a draft. You can take a look at the preview of a site here.

4. Payment Options

We accept payment through PayPal. Payment specific details shall be provided after your order form has been received.


Send your comments

Please let us know how we can improve the picture. Necessary changes will be made. If you do not like how it looks and have specific ideas do let us know. We shall incorporate them and get the site as per your requirements.

6. Accept the Design

After receiving your comments and acceptance of design, we'll complete your website pretty soon. All files will be uploaded to the server directly.



Promo Conditions

You allow us to include the graphics in our portfolio and use it in our own promotional campaigns.
If you resale our services and wish to make the deal confidential, please contact us at info@vizualmagic.com.


You allow us to place a quality mark (Designed by "gSoft Technology ") at the bottom of your site Home Page. If you do not agree to keep this small reference, a $10 fee will be applied.



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